***GOAL ***
Collect objects from nature, enjoying the sights and sounds while you're at it. You'll have to solve a few puzzles in the process. The game is basically a text adventure "treasure hunt". If you're new to text adventure games, please read "HOW TO PLAY" below, type "Help" in-game for more information on how to play, or first play Sandcastle Adventure, which includes a beginner tutorial.

This is a fairly personal game, based on my years of snowshoeing behind my parents' house at the edge of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Graphics are mostly derived from photos I took in the area, and the content is based on real things I've found there (down to specific plants, animals, and fungi).

Based on the rate of active development in the neighbourhood, the natural settings of this game will probably be replaced with residential and commercial buildings within the next ten years. Already some of what you find in the game has, in real life, been built-over.

The game is created in a retro text adventure style, linked with nostalgia for the past. So this game was fueled by both retro video game nostalgia and my love for natural areas, with the intention to memorialize those places and feelings. Hopefully this will shine through somewhat to the game player, or at least serves as an enjoyable romp in the snow.

 This game was created using Adventuron, which is very friendly for new developers (this is the first video game I ever made!). The font is Bamburgh by Chris Ainsley. All writing, graphics, and music were created by Chris Hay aka Eldritch Renaissance Cake. Earlier versions were play-tested by Scott Miller (@2xreeds), Mike Jane (@jmfallout), and Chris M (@christophermerriner). Special thanks to the Adventuron Discord members for their help and support.

I hope you enjoy  =)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

***HOW TO PLAY (commands and shortcuts)***

    • North (N), South (S), East (E), and West (W)
    • Use VERB NOUN combinations... e.g. 'GET FEATHER', 'EXAMINE (X) TREE', or 'UNLOCK DOOR'
    • MAP to view a graphic map
    • HELP to view this help information in-game
    • HINT for a hint relevant to your progress in the game
  • OTHER:
    • REFRESH (R) will refresh the screen at your location
    • SAVE will give you the option to save (use LOAD to start at an old save) - but note Adventuron should autosave in your browser anyway
    • SAVEF/LOADF is another option to save to and from text files (handy if using incognito mode, or continuing between devices)
    • QUIT will restart the game (after asking if you're sure)


SnowshoeAdventure.zip 11 MB

Install instructions

For the downloadable version: please download, unzip the folder, and open the "ReadMe.txt" file for instructions on how to execute the game.


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I completed the game. A nice simple adventure. Great for people new to the genre. I loved the little factoids about fungi and wildlife scattered throughout. Well done.