Investigate a hostage-taker to diffuse an unstable situation in this text adventure police procedural! Created over a weekend in October 2021 for the Ludum Dare 49 game jam (theme: "unstable").

WARNING: This game includes adult language and themes, and is not suitable for children.

Should play well on a mobile phone or desktop/laptop. However, the music will not play in Safari browser, so we recommend using Firefox or Chrome. If you encounter other audio issues, you can try the downloadable version, or mobile if you were on a desktop/laptop. Save with "SAVEF" and load with "LOADF" to transfer your progress (transfer the txt file from one device to another)!


Type two word commands (e.g. check notes). Choose an option in multiple choice. And type inputs when requested! Tap/Click/Press Enter to proceed, whenever you see a flashing cursor at the bottom right. Save progress with SAVE or SAVEF and then resume with LOAD or LOADF.


Coding by Chris Hay aka E.R.C.
Art and font by mig-moog
Music and sounds by Nat aka Nathanaël Wsiaki
Story and writing a team effort


Download 45 MB

Install instructions

For the downloadable version: please unzip the folder and read the ReadMe for instructions.

Development log


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I liked the music and the story. The art was just the icing on the cake! Would like to check out the "source code" for the game to make my own one in some time in the future.

I decided to tidy up the code and share it on GitHub. If you've never used Adventuron, I recommend checking out their tutorials first (very helpful).


love it <3